The Kleingers Group’s New Columbus Office

The Kleingers Group’s vision is to be the destination for our people and the market. We are committed to being a company clients choose to work with and employees seek to be a part of it. The workspace is an essential component, and our existing space doesn’t match our vision.

Based on our employees’ feedback and our brand standards, we designed a new space that blends their wants and needs for a productive and fun workplace. The new office features:

  • Four different styles of rooms, ranging from a large conference room to small huddle spaces for smaller groups
  • An exterior garage door that leads to the back parking lot, allowing us to open on beautiful days to let fresh air in and host indoor/outdoor parties
  • Digital connectivity in every room
  • Custom-built picnic tables made by our employees

The new space is an employee-focused environment featuring equal work areas for all, including the CEO to our co-ops.  We’re creating a comfortable space that provides some of the luxuries of working from home or a nearby coffee shop while creating a showpiece that our employees are proud to show off. The office combines many aspects more common in downtown offices, such as open floor plans and a variety of huddle spaces. It is complemented with suburban office advantages, like generous space per person, easy parking, and larger communal areas.