Reduce the Unknowns with Specialists in Industrial Design 

At Kleingers, our team of surveyorscivil and traffic engineers, marketing services and landscape architects professionals take industrial design to the next level. Whether updating an existing building or constructing a new facility, we understand that some properties have stringent requirements. Our experts tackle these challenges and provide you with concept and master plans, outlining the best options for all stakeholders.

The Kleingers Group takes designing your project one step further by researching and understanding how to end nuances. Did you know that trailers rotate in a clockwise manner? Establishing a truck circulation drive and space for your fleet to move more efficiently is an aspect that can’t be missed. Contact us today for creative solutions.

Advantages of Working with an Industrial Design Specialist


Less Project Risk

Ever dreamed of making it easier for trucks to access your dock?  We have, hundreds of times. Reduce your project risk with an experienced engineer.


Fewer Delays

Years of experience have taught us what questions to ask up front. That means fewer delays for you.


Fewer Budgetary Surprises

All projects start with unknowns. Our process will reduce unknowns early on so you aren’t surprised later.


Predictable Process

Hundreds of projects have refined our process. From kickoff to QA/QC, we have a predictable process in place designed to make your job as easy as possible.

Here’s a Small Sample of Our Industrial Work

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