Turn Your Residential Site into a Destination Neighborhood with Kleingers Civil Engineering

Whether your residential project is a planned development or a high-end condo complex, our team of experts provides a unique design perspective to residential site projects. The Kleingers Group knows what matters to developers when selecting sites for improvement. We guide the vital process by providing accurate foundational services such as site due diligence, master planning, environmental permitting, and construction drawing production and approval. Working closely with jurisdictional staff members and developers,  Kleingers’ finds common ground on acquiring zoning approvals that developers want and need to produce a successful project.

  Our team of experienced surveyors, civil engineers, transportation engineers, surveyors and landscape architects professionals includes a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM). Our CFM implements the community’s local floodplain ordinances and ensures your project complies with minimum NFIP standards.

Together, they creatively design internal roadway networks, utility extensions, neighborhood layouts, and stormwater management systems, no matter the site constraints or challenges. Contact our team for an attractive and cost-effective development plan today.

Advantages of Working with The Kleingers Groups


Less Project Risk

Ever dreamed of ways to give communities unique residential developments?  We have, hundreds of times. Reduce your project risk with an experienced engineer.


Fewer Delays

Years of experience have taught us what questions to ask up front. That means fewer delays for you.


Fewer Budgetary Surprises

All projects start with unknowns. Our process will reduce unknowns early on so you aren’t surprised later.


Predictable Process

Hundreds of projects have refined our process. From kickoff to QA/QC, we have a predictable process in place designed to make your job as easy as possible.

Here’s a Small Sample of Our Residential Work

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