UGN at Park North

Monroe, OH

UGN, a leader in the manufacturing of automotive parts and technologies, expanded its facility to accommodate rapid growth. The $50 million dollar project—located in the Park North industrial development—included a 232,000 square foot LEED-certified manufacturing plant, expanded vehicular and site infrastructure, as well as landscaping required for the development.

The Kleingers Group played an integral part in all portions of the project and provided civil engineeringtransportation engineering, and landscape architecture services. The Kleingers Group aided in the design and development of the site including parking facilities, interior and exterior transportation corridors, and the required site landscape elements. Additionally, the Landscape Architecture studio worked closely with the client as well as the City of Monroe to come up with a design that satisfied the client’s needs and desires while also meeting the extensive zoning requirements set forth by the city.

The Kleingers group also helped UGN save energy by recycling rainwater to cool their equipment. The Kleingers Group designed a pond with a liner that ensured water didn’t leave the pond and that the water was clean and not muddy. As a result, UGN is able to pull water from the pond, saving both energy and money.

Working with The Kleingers Group is simple.

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