Frisch’s Big Boy

Various Locations, OH

The Kleingers Group provided land surveying, site due diligence, and site design, as well as zoning and construction administration assistance for various Frisch’s Big Boy locations. Typically a small 1-acre site, Kleingers works to design a functional plan to accommodate a 4,000± square foot building with 75 parking spaces, a drive-thru, a loading zone, and stormwater detention within the tight site constraints. Often, detention is managed through underground pipes, given the limited space on the property. The client prefers corner lots, which usually means the site loses frontage on two streets, making the site more challenging to layout.

Working with The Kleingers Group is simple.

  1. We listen and learn about your project.

  2. We collaborate to create the right design for your project, using everyday language.

  3. We deliver the project details and plans and walk you through the construction process.

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