Orange Barrel Media

Columbus, OH

With the extensive assistance of The Kleingers Group, Orange Barrel Media, a Columbus Marketing firm, constructed its new headquarters in Franklinton, Ohio. The site was previously an abandoned old concrete silo and needed significant rehabilitation. Kleingers worked directly with the owner on the site development, sanitary, water, and stormwater management to reuse the site and turn it into a new, modern, two-story, 10,000 SF office building.

Crews built the office on top of three existing silos used by the plant while renovating an existing mechanics shop on the space. The project included two 160-foot tall towers with 100-foot tall vinyl canvas murals used for marketing ad space. Kleingers provided building control and tower monitoring at 20-foot vertical increments and site layout for utilities, curbing, walks, etc., for C.J. Mahan Construction Company.

Working with The Kleingers Group is simple.

  1. We listen and learn about your project.

  2. We collaborate to create the right design for your project, using everyday language.

  3. We deliver the project details and plans and walk you through the construction process.

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