BrewDog Brewery

Canal Winchester, OH

BrewDog, a fast-expanding Scottish company, brews a variety of craft beer and is known for its Punk IPA among others. Located on 42 acres, this 100,000 SF new brewery is the first BrewDog facility in the US and includes production space as well as a retail area with a restaurant, taproom, and offices. The Kleingers Group provided survey, site engineering, and landscape architecture services.

Kleingers was an integral part of the initial due diligence team on the project providing survey services as the site was assessed. From there, we served as part of the design-build team, providing civil engineering, land surveying, and landscape architecture, successfully delivering construction drawings on an accelerated schedule. By maintaining close coordination with all teaming members, including the City of Canal Winchester, The Kleingers Group ensured the project stayed on track meeting its ambitious construction schedule.

The combination of a production facility, as well as retail/restaurant use, created some special detail to different areas of the building. Storage areas for materials and patio areas for guests needed to be well thought out. In order to make the restaurant and taproom accessible to cyclists, Kleingers also designed a bike path connector that spanned two stormwater ponds as well as an existing canal to provide a connection to the city’s mainline bike path. Kleingers also helped maximize views from existing wooded areas and a decorative pond was added for aesthetics from the patio view.

Along with the site development of the project for the building and associated parking and circulation, substantial stormwater improvements were necessary. This necessitated the design of a dual-barrel 30” culvert as well as a dual-barrel 48” culvert. Appropriate stormwater design, notes, and details were provided for these two culverts to ensure that adequate ponding protection was achieved. Roadways and utilities were extended from public mains to service this new building. Additionally, The Kleingers Group paid close attention to how the facility would operate in order to place site improvements in the most efficient locations, such as dumpsters and truck loading areas. Because the company anticipated rapid growth, the site has room for expansion of this facility as well future land uses.

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