Tim Casto, PE

Director of Engineering

What Inspired Me to do What I do:
My family

Music I’m Into:
I’m listening to Ice-T on Pandora now.

Book That Moved Me:
I was depressed after reading the Chapter: Scouring of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings.

Best Vacation Ever:
Disney with my family.

Random Fact About Me:
I’ve had cornea transplants in both eyes, giving me three sets of DNA.

Current Obsession:
Walking Dead. I dragged my family through rural Georgia for two days looking at filming locations on our last family vacation.

Favorite Film:
Tie between Goodfellas and Casino.

Best Advice:
Anything Steve Korte says! If we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

Often Heard Saying:
There’s Blood in the water.

If I Won a Million Dollars:
I’d wear bespoke suits while driving to work in a yellow 1975 crew cab chevy truck with a KC light package that rivals high school sports stadium lighting.

Tim Casto, PEDirector of Engineering

Tim is a versatile, forward thinking engineering professional with a proven track record of leading diverse teams to the successful completion of complex engineering funding, design and construction projects.  Tim collaborates with team members to provide common sense solutions for complex issues while building a consensus among project stakeholders.

Some of Tim’s Work