Nick McCullough, PE
Central Ohio Institutional Group

Book that Moved Me:
Iacocca: An Autobiography – it was refreshing to see how much time Iacocca spent meeting with different levels of personnel to understand how to rebuild The Chrysler Corporation. It reinforced to me how important every member of a company is to the overall success of a company.

Favorite Films:
Comedy – Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Wedding Crashers
Thriller – Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction

Best Vacation Ever:
Maui with my wife.

Current Obsession:

Best Advice (with Regards to Career Choice):
As a clueless 18-yr old student, my uncle told me Civil Engineers will always be in demand. “If the private sector isn’t spending money on infrastructure, then the public sector will spend to boost the economy”…and now I’m a Civil Engineer.

Nick McCullough

Nick is responsible for the operations and business development of our Central Ohio Institutional Group. With his vast network within the A/E/C industry, he is able to help build high-performance teams to assist Owners, Architects, Contractors and Developers meet or exceed project goals. One of Nick’s biggest assets is the team of engineers and technicians in Central Ohio that has been working together since the beginning of 2007.

Some of Nick’s Work