The Kleingers Group Hits the Apple App Store

TKG Pipe Flow App Screenshot 2Pipe Flow App Screenshot

The Kleingers Group is proud to announce the release of four new apps now available at the Apple App Store.  The apps were developed by our very own civil engineering techie wizard, Mike Couvreur. The apps are quick calculators to assist engineers in everyday hydraulic computations.  Applications include channel sizing, storm sewer design, orifice sizing, and spillway design.  Below is a brief description of each app:

Channel Flow Calculator uses Manning’s Equation to solve for any input parameter for a partially full trapezoidal, circular, or rectangular shaped channel.  Parameters include flow, slope, roughness coefficient, depth of flow, and various channel geometry components such as bottom width, side slopes, or diameter.  The resulting average velocity of flow is also displayed.  Various roughness coefficients and descriptions are provided in a handy reference table.

Pipe Flow Calculator also utilizes Manning’s Equation to solve for the diameter, slope, roughness coefficient, or flow in a circular pipe that is flowing full.  Commonly used roughness coefficients for a variety of pipe materials are provided within a built in table for quick access.  The average velocity is displayed within the app for checking against minimum or maximum velocity requirements.

Orifice Flow Calculator computes the flow, head, orifice area, or coefficient for any orifice configuration.  Commonly used orifice coefficients are available and equivalent orifice diameter information is presented to the user based on the orifice area input.

Weir Flow Calculator references the generalized weir flow equation to solve for flow, length of weir, head, or weir coefficient.  Various weir configurations and commonly used coefficients are included for reference.

All four apps offer the ability to use English or metric units and display the fundamental hydraulic formula for each calculation at the bottom of the screen.  Each app is currently on sale in the Apple App Store and can be easily found by searching for the keyword “Kleingers”.