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Kleingers Pavement Condition Assessment Services

Every year your pavement takes a beating. Whether it’s thousands of cars driving across the asphalt or natural enemies and deterrents like the hot sun, erratic temperatures, or waves of water, your pavement deals with a lot. All of this means pavements need and deserve periodic assessment and maintenance to extend their lifespan and maximize your investment. The Kleingers Group’s pavement condition assessment team nerds out on all things pavement. Let us help you get the most value out of your parking lots and roads.

Free Pavement Assessment

Common Pavement Issues

  • Cracking
    • General, Block, Fatigue
  • Deformations and Depressions
  • Raveling
  • Potholes
  • Moisture Intrusion

Kleingers Knows Pavement

These pavement issues are common, but the best remedies aren’t always that obvious. The Kleingers Group’s talented civil and transportation engineers will find the best solution for your project. Solutions range from simple crack sealing to full-depth patching and everything in between, but are you confident you know which is the best one for your situation? A detailed and in-depth pavement assessment from Kleingers will ensure you have the knowledge to make the best decisions.

Catch Every Crack from Above

To ensure your pavement gets all the attention it needs, the pavement condition assessment team at Kleingers utilizes the latest in aerial documentation technology. We use this level of sophistication to gather crucial information that might not be caught at first glance. Aerial documentation technology provides a holistic view of your project area while also detailing cracks, deformations, or other issues that wouldn’t be seen during the initial walk-about. The aerial documentation technology is also used to check back in and see precisely how your pavement performs whenever you need a second look.

How Kleingers Assesses Your Pavement

Don’t let your lots and roads fall in disrepair. Our civil and transportation team will get your pavement in prime condition in three easy steps.


Determine the condition of the pavement and asphalt.


Analyze factors that may have caused pavement condition and deterioration.


Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for future care.

In What Condition is Your Pavement?

There are many different methods of assessing the condition of your asphalt. Color, crack size, crack location, and even maintenance records can determine the status of your pavement. With an experienced team like Kleingers who knows and understands the various signs, you’ll get an accurate assessment identifying a good condition, poor condition, and everything in between.