The Pointe at Polaris

Columbus, OH

Serving as surveyors, civil engineers, and landscape architects, The Kleingers Group worked to create a complex, dense 10-acre site, which accommodates three buildings. The mixed-use development houses a 240-unit apartment building, a 4-story parking garage, and a 3-story office/retail building. Upon entering the site, the main avenue streetscape is bisected with a beautifully landscaped median. Pavers line the walks and streets, creating a pattern and rhythm that defines the layout of parallel parking spaces, lighting, and street trees. The street pavers are porous and drain directly into subterranean stormwater storage. And the garage is tucked behind the office/retail building and is lined with a tall, evergreen hedge to screen vehicles on the ground level, adjacent to the courtyard. The team designed a four-season landscape plan that provides the entire development a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

Kleingers designed the site with a storm management pond as well as underground detention captured under the parking lot. A stormwater variance was required for the walls along the detention pond. Kleingers closely coordinated with ODOT regarding the easements along I-71. Kleingers also facilitated multiple easement documents to assist with agreements for public-private partners involved in the project. A mass grading/fill plan was completed to allow earthmoving to occur ahead of the design schedule. Kleingers’ design team was also responsible for minor intersection and roadway improvements at Lyra Drive.

The landscape architecture group designed two courtyards for outdoor dining and entertainment. The first courtyard is nestled between the office/retail building and garage. Bands of pavers, aligned with the architecture, connect the two buildings as well as define the courtyard space, creating a central area for seating and outdoor dining. Lush lawn panels, outdoor seating, and an allee of trees further define the space. The second courtyard is central to the residential building. The southern half of the courtyard features a swimming pool with a jet pool/fountain feature and a shallow area for lounging. The pool is surrounded by a large deck for sitting, gathering, and entertainment. The northern half features an open lawn area for casual activities or gatherings. A large fire pit, surrounded by movable seating and a low seat wall, terminates the north end and an outdoor kitchen is centrally located, equipped with multiple grills and bar-style seating. The courtyard is heavily landscaped to create a strong barrier between first-floor residents and the public space.

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