London Middle School | London City Schools

London, OH

The Kleingers Group has provided services for many projects within the London City School District over the last decade, including the new LEED Platinum Middle School.  Funded by the OSFC, specific work included civil engineering site design, boundary and topographic surveys, legal descriptions, traffic impact studies, roadway improvements on ODOT’s S.R. 38, circulation studies and plans, pedestrian safety crossings, on and off-site drainage improvements, off-site public ditch petition improvements, drainage capacity studies, courtyard design, geotechnical coordination, geothermal coordination, and athletic field improvements.

Challenges included determining the most cost-effective and safe method (while still forward-looking) to provide utility, vehicular, and pedestrian services to the district facilities, while minimizing disturbances to the sites, campus, and neighboring areas. One particular example was to design a convenient and safe pedestrian crossing of S.R. 38 to connect the Middle School and the High School sites.

Working with The Kleingers Group is simple.

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