Sharonville Downtown Loop Streetscape

City of Sharonville, OH

The Kleingers Group provided landscape architecture and transportation engineering services to the City of Sharonville to create the vision for the overall streetscape aesthetics for the Downtown Loop Area while providing improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation and walkability within the Downtown Loop. 

In support of the final streetscape design, traffic lanes will be minimized, while turn lanes added to reduce vehicular congestion. Proposed curb bump-outs aid in traffic calming, provide designated on-street parking, support green infrastructure areas, and improve pedestrian circulation by narrowing the street and creating crosswalk refuge areas.

Vibrant colored concrete banding, pedestrian LED lighting, street trees, and site furnishings will re-brand the streetscape area while providing for a more consistent rhythm in design throughout the Downtown Loop. Special attention to mid-block crosswalks and ADA accessibility is of high importance.

Other project features to include:

  • Pocket parks
  • Art installations, gateway arches, and historical markers 
  • Promenade on Creek Road, including specialty pavements, a bike trail, seating, and bollards to close the road for community events

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