Kenton Ridge PreK-12 School

As part of the Kenton Ridge Pre K-12 school, The Kleingers Group designed a playground for 2-12-year-olds on a limited budget. To accomplish this goal, we created multiple dual-functioning spaces. For example, the asphalt for the bus drop-off doubled as the hardscape portion of the playground. Courts for 4-square, tetherball, and basketball were overlaid on the parking lot and painted in different colors than the parking lot stripes. We located the posts for tetherball in line with parking spaces while the basketball posts were offset to the edge of the court using a gooseneck post.

The playground equipment is adjacent to the hardscape portion and includes an ADA-accessible play structure with various climbers, swings, and musical equipment. All of the play equipment is surfaced with engineered wood fiber and a concrete flush curb so that all directions are accessible.

The adjacent soccer field for high schoolers acts as the open lawn area for the playground. A four-foot fence surrounds the entire area to keep the children contained and protected from running into the surrounding drives. Crews constructed the playground during the summer of 2021.

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