Clark Shawnee Local School

Springfield, OH

The Kleingers Group provided professional civil engineering and design services for the new PK-6 Elementary/Middle School building and renovated the existing 7-12 building for Springdale, Ohio’s Clark Shawnee Local Schools District. The project involved renovating the existing 134,277 SF High School building to house 808 7th-12th grade students. As a phased renovation project, a portion of the student population moved into swing space. In contrast, the remaining students stayed in the unremoved part of the facility until the initial phase was completed. Renovation activities began in March of 2019, with all stages of the renovation reaching Substantial Completion by November of 2020. The State of Ohio required the renovation to achieve LEED Silver certification at a minimum.

Finally, a new 118,151 SF Elementary/Middle School to house 1,042 students was built. The building was constructed east of the existing High School site on a separate parcel of land, just east of the board offices along East Possum Road. Construction activities began in February 2019, with Substantial Completion reached in July 2020. The State of Ohio also required this renovation to achieve LEED Silver certification at a minimum.

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