Creekside Industrial Park

Orange Township, OH

The master developer of approximately 92 acres contracted with The Kleingers Group to provide site and traffic engineering services to a property behind an existing Menard store in Orange Township. Kleingers provided a sketch plan as well as preliminary and final construction drawings to meet county requirements. The project was completed in one phase and consisted of roadway extensions for Corduroy Road and Green Meadows Drive through the parcel.

Seven future development lots were created as part of this project. Water and sanitary mains were designed along roadways and regional stormwater management areas for the entire parcel. A consolidated traffic study was necessary to analyze previous studies and the traffic demands in the area. Kleingers designed the overall park, including roads, utilities, regional detention, created the lots, and developed five of the seven lots as they have been purchased. Those lots include ATS, Hoshizaki, Electric Connection, Microcom, and 2 spec buildings.

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