Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Critical Care Tower & Expansion

Cincinnati, OH

  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Critical Care Tower.

Having extensive experience in the medical and healthcare development spaces, The Kleingers Group provided site/civil engineeringsurvey services, and roadway design for the expansion, roadway realignment, and parking garage at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s main campus. A massive $650 million multi-phase project, the development included a 650,000 SF eight-story patient tower with 276 critical-care beds, a new emergency department, a pharmacy, kitchen space, remodeling of existing space, new loading docks, a new parking garage underneath the tower, and an expansion of existing parking facilities. In order to minimize the travel distance between essential services, the new hospital tower now boasts a roof-top heliport and emergency room that directly links to “Building B” on the existing campus.

In the first phase, Kleingers designed the staging and realignment of Erkenbrecher Avenue to accommodate the new building addition, which required rezoning more than six acres of land and rerouting Erkenbrecher Avenue. Kleingers also relocated several major utilities, including a phone bank, water main, and many others. Kleingers coordinated design with the team’s MEP engineers for wastewater and storm as the existing building was currently draining to a combined sewer, which is no longer allowed.

Throughout the project, Kleingers helped the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital team develop and build a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, ready to assist all patients in need.

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