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  • 1998

    Kleingers Moves out of the Basement

    Following years of directing clients to “the second basement past the dumpster (you can’t miss it)”, Kleingers moves out of the basement office and into first story digs.

  • 1999

    Surveying by Satellite

    Kleingers begins using GPS equipment for land surveying projects, providing measurement accuracy within 1/16 inch.

  • 2000

    Opens a Columbus Office

    In 2000, The Kleingers Group expanded from Southwest Ohio to Columbus, opening a new office to better serve the Central Ohio region.

  • 2003

    Enters Traffic

    Following years of steady growth providing site/civil engineering and land survey services, Kleingers begins expanding its offerings with the addition of Transportation Engineering services. Today, transportation infrastructure design, traffic engineering, and bridge design are core service offerings at Kleingers.

  • Miller Ecological Park aerial rendering.

    Begins Offering Landscape Architecture

    Shortly after adding transportation engineering services, Kleingers branches into landscape architecture. Today, Lynne Nischwitz heads the landscape architecture studio.

  • 2005

    Takes a Cruise

    In the summer of 2005, Kleingers & Associates shut down the office for a couple of days to take all employees and spouses on a Caribbean cruise! Several employees hired in the following years are still bitter.

  • 2008

    Columbus Office Expands

    Our second-largest office outgrew its walls in 2008 and relocated to a larger space in the booming Polaris area on the north side of Columbus.

    Hired as city engineer

    Kleingers became the municipal engineer for Deer Park. In addition to Deer Park, Kleingers now serves five additional communities.

  • 2011

    Creates Truescan 3D

    As part of a research project, Kleingers & Associates employees begin researching 3D laser scanning. Successful research leads to Kleingers purchasing a 3D laser scanner to begin experimenting with the new technology.

    Sportworks Field Design Is Created

    Sportworks Field Design was created as a division of Kleingers & Associates. Since its beginning, Sportworks Field Design has helped educate hundreds of clients on the sports field design process and has successfully built fields all across the state.

  • 2012

    Kleingers Moves to Downtown Dayton

    Kleingers selects an office space across the street from the Dayton Dragons baseball stadium. The downtown Dayton office joins West Chester and Columbus to make three Ohio offices.

  • 2013

    Introducing “The Kleingers Group”

    In 2013, 20 years after its founding, Kleingers & Associates is rebranded as The Kleingers Group to reflect the growing diversity of services it offers and the ever-growing number of employees who have become part of the team.

  • 2015

    Rents a Bouncy House

    . . . because we could.

    TrueScan Completes Largest scan in Region

    Fast forward to 2015, and TrueScan, the Kleingers Group’s reality capture division completes one of the largest scans ever completed in the region for the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

  • 2017

    Opens a Louisville Office

    Expanding into Kentucky, Kleingers opens a fourth office in Louisville and quickly begins to hire.

  • 2018

    25 Years!

    In 2018, Kleingers celebrated 25 years by taking the entire company plus significant others to Nashville for the weekend. We won’t spill all the beans, but let’s just say we had fun.

  • 2022

    Present Day

    With 150 employees in seven cities, The Kleingers Group is among the most respected names in surveying, civil engineering, transportation engineering, landscape architecture, and 3D laser scanning.

    In 2022, The Kleingers Group announced the appointment of Tim Casto, PE, a long-time employee, shareholder, client champion, and established leader, as its new Chief Executive Officer and President. Jim Kleingers, PE, PS, LEED AP, former CEO, and President, transitioned to Founder and Executive Chairman. In this role, Jim oversees the firm’s Board of Directors, champions the company’s culture, and acts as a brand ambassador in our communities. Steve Korte, PE, is named Chief Operations Officer.

  • 1993

    The Story Begins…

    The Kleinjers Group story began in 1993 when Jim Kleinjers bought the interest of RW Consultants’ West Chester, Ohio branch. RW was a civil engineering and land surveying firm based in nearby Middletown, Ohio. With five employees, including Jim, a new company started as Kleinjers & Associates. They focused on serving clients and helping transform communities during phenomenal growth in West Chester and neighboring Liberty Township. 

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