OSU Pomerene and Oxley Renovations

Columbus, OH

The Kleingers Group provided land surveying and civil engineering services for renovations at Ohio State University’s Pomerene and Oxley Halls. As two of the oldest buildings on campus, both buildings have historical significance. During the 122,265 SF renovations, much of the original 1900’s historical character was retained.

The renovations combined the two halls to provide a building dedicated to OSU’s College of the Arts new data analytics major. The first program of its kind in the U.S. introduced students to a fast-growing field with data at its core. Updates to the buildings’ exteriors were a significant part of the scope, including meeting ADA requirements and utility coordination during the historical renovation process.

Kleingers’ design team worked closely with the MEP consultants on the project to coordinate the relocation of existing communication lines. The renovations required a new network of electric, fiber, and communications lines to be re-routed around the building.

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