Gilmore Road and Hamilton Mason Road Roundabout

Butler County, OH

The project involved replacing the existing stop condition “T” intersection of Gilmore Road and Hamilton Mason Road with a three-legged, single-lane modern roundabout and the realignment of a portion of the current Gilmore Road. The new roundabout eliminates the existing offset intersection configuration of Gilmore Road and Hamilton Enterprise Park with Hamilton Mason Road. It improves traffic flow and reduces the frequency and severity of crashes at the intersection. 

The project included: 

  • A closed stormwater system
  • Post-construction stormwater best management practices (BMPs)
  • A new culvert crossing at the roundabout
  • Localized water main lowerings
  • Signage
  • Street lighting

The Kleingers Group worked in conjunction with The Butler County Engineer’s Office and various private and public utility owners to advance the development of this project. The Kleingers Group provided survey, civil engineering, and construction administration services, including construction documents.

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