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Wright State University Student Success Center


Wright State University Student Success Center
Dayton, Ohio

The Kleingers Group provided the civil engineering and surveying for the new 60,000 square foot classroom building at Wright State University. The building is located west of University Hall and north of the primary path for pedestrians to get from parking to the main academic quad. The site was triangular in shape and is bounded on the west side by University Boulevard.

The project features two large Bio-Detention Basins traversed by a highly used pedestrian walk. Black Locust Wood Plank bridges, with steel cable railings that overlook the planting areas. The meticulously landscaped Bio-Detention Basins are engineered with a sub-surface drainage system and a specialty soil mix designed to improve both stormwater quality and quantity. This feature is a purposeful and tactile demonstration of the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Additionally the project incorporates a large lower-level outdoor plaza. The plaza space is flanked on the east by a cast-stone seating wall and on the south by a series of terraced retaining and seating walls. The outdoor space can also be enjoyed through the floor-to-ceiling lower level windows of the new classroom building.