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University of Cincinnati Market Pointe + Siddall Hall Plaza

University of Cincinnati Market Pointe + Siddall Hall Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Market Pointe + Siddall Hall Plaza project at the University of Cincinnati is located in a very visible location with high pedestrian volumes whereby prospective students and their parents walk for campus orientation and tours with a majority of the plaza located on structure. The plaza incorporates outdoor dining space for Market Pointe as well as outdoor plaza space for the Siddall Hall Residence Hall.

The Kleingers Group designed the plaza hardscape spaces to be sophisticated and urbane with attention to detail to create a ‘branded’ UC aesthetic and environment. The overall pedestrian connections are extremely important, thus, the design was to create energy and movement throughout the space.

The plaza includes specialty scored concrete with two different textures in a dramatic diagonal orientation to evoke movement in the space and to bring together the two sides of the plaza area. The design was further reinforced with organized and structured plantings that reinforce the diagonal movement in the space. The plantings consist of a palette that reinforces the branding element of UC through color and consistency.

Site furnishings consisting of an ornamental stainless steel fence separate the outdoor dining area from the rest of the plaza and is designed to seamlessly meld into the landscaping. The fence is located within the planting area on a perpendicular diagonal to reinforce the movement in the space. Plaza lighting is incorporated through the use of rectangular stainless steel light sticks emitting light on all 4 sides of the light stick. Tables and chairs, on structure planters, and trash receptacles reinforce the design through their rectangular design and stainless steel finish. UC branded banners are designed to hang on the existing spines of the buildings to further enhance the brand.