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City of Dublin – Deer Run Sanitary Sewer Upsizing

City of Dublin – Deer Run Sanitary Sewer Upsizing
Dublin, Ohio

The Kleingers Group worked with the City of Dublin to provide increased sanitary sewer capacity improvements in two locations within the Muirfield Village neighborhood. The design focused on upsizing sanitary sewer mains for the Deer Run Sanitary Sewer. The current 8-inch sanitary sewer main installed on Muirfield Drive was no longer providing appropriate service. It required a new 12-inch sanitary sewer main to be installed with appropriate appurtenances. Macewen Court onto the Muirfield Village Golf Course’s 10-inch and 12-inch sanitary sewer mains required new 15-inch sanitary sewer mains. This also needed the existing sanitary sewer wye connections and laterals to be re-established.

After performing all the necessary project surveying, Kleingers evaluated and uncovered potential challenges with the upsizing project. We realized the removal of existing mains, replacing them with larger sewer mains, and pipe bursting and design of a new sanitary sewer to complement the existing sewer main would also incur increased costs that were not budgeted. Kleingers worked with the City of Dublin to determine a more cost-effective means to address the capacity issue. Because of the amount of landscaping that would be disturbed in the backyards of homes adjacent to the Muirfield Village Golf Club (MVGC) and the associated costs, a different approach was developed. This resulted in our creatively designing a solution that prevented the city from spending nearly 75% of their budget on the issue.

After most of the design work for the Deer Run Sewer Upsizing project was completed, Kleingers assisted the City in preparing materials for a public meeting. The details of the project and its plans were presented to the affected Muirfield Village residents and Muirfield Village Golf Club officials.

The project progressed with a new sanitary sewer main on the MVGC grounds being installed to complement the existing capacity. Kleingers designed pipe bursting of an existing 8-inch sanitary main running under Muirfield Drive. The new section of main now has a 12-inch diameter to accommodate capacity needs.

The Kleingers Group worked successfully with and met all requirements of City of Dublin, City of Columbus Division of Power and Water, OEPA and Ohio Department of Transportation. We effectively coordinated the detailed design for the affected areas with all the public and private utilities. The project’s traffic impact was minimized due to a collaboration with City staff and OCLC.