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City of Deer Park Comprehensive Plan


City of Deer Park Comprehensive Plan
Deer Park, Ohio

The Deer Park 2035 Vision Plan was first created in 2008 and underwent a comprehensive update in 2014. A steering committee—consisting of members of the Deer Park Community Improvement Corporation, city staff and a council representative—met monthly and brought together various stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for Deer Park’s future. The result was an updated comprehensive plan, which identified a number of goals and priorities to help build a unique and vibrant community. Among the many goals identified, perhaps the most important was the need to revitalize the Blue Ash Road corridor.

Shortly after the plan update, Deer Park city council made obtaining funding to revitalize Deer Park Road a major priority. To date, Deer Park has been able to obtain funding for 50 percent of the design costs and 80 percent of the construction costs through the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Transportation Improvement District and other sources. Design is well underway and construction is expected to be completed by 2017. As identified in the plan, improvements to Blue Ash Road will include significant safety improvements, repaving and new sidewalks, as well as a number of new features to make the area more attractive, making residents feel that they have arrived at a unique destination. In particular, curb bump-outs, benches, decorative lighting and tree wells will fulfill many of the elements the steering committee and members of the public identified as important to the corridor in 2008 and again in 2014.