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Austin Landing Interchange and Streetscape


Austin Landing Interchange and Streetscape
Dayton, Ohio

The stakeholders sought to provide an interesting and unique ‘eye-catching’ design for the Austin Center Interchange infield areas. The Kleingers Group was brought on to assist the JEDD in creating this vision.

Because the interchange is in an area with strict ODOT mandated design guidelines, we had to ensure that the design adhered to these regulations and achieve the exciting new aesthetic that the MCTID and JEDD had envisioned. They wanted to create a landscape and hardscape treatment in the Interchange infield areas that would be something different, utilize plants that you didn’t always see, be able to thrive in the harsh condition and be easily maintained. They also wanted to provide for erosion control and year round interest, and overall, create a ‘wow’ factor from travelers along I-75.

The design incorporates a curvilinear spine of columnar oak trees that creates a sculptural element in the landscape which provides the backbone for the overall design. The trees are used to frame views within the interchange gateway. Bold planting bands include plants that provide visual interest throughout the year. The plants provide varied textures and colors that weave in a layered effect, creating spectacular views from all sides of the interchange.

Stamped, colored concrete was also used to create visual interest among the planting bands. These features enhance the colors and textures throughout the design, provide hillside erosion control, and a limit for maintenance purposes of the planting areas. When combined, the unique varieties of plants married with the stamped colored concrete creates a visually appealing, uniquely branded gateway for the Austin Interchange.