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Client Satisfaction

Our goal? An outstanding client experience.

Working with us should be easy. Regardless of the project size, we want our clients to walk away feeling they received superb results from a gratifying process. Throughout the life of a project we use a client feedback tool to track client perceptions, ensuring we can deliver on our promises.



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*The percentage of respondents who said Kleingers met or exceeded expectations in each category.

At the most basic level of service, we want to ensure we are meeting or exceeding schedule, budget and accuracy expectations. We also know it is the relationship elements — responsiveness, quality, and helpfulness — that bring clients back time and time again.


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While we are especially proud of how our clients have ranked us so far, we also know the real value of the tool is ensuring each individual project stays on track. By constantly evaluating the information, following up with our clients and making improvements throughout the life of the project, your experience will consistently improve, and we can deliver the outstanding results you expect.



While we don’t expect to ever be perfect, by constantly evaluating the information and making changes, we hope to make your experience as smooth and as easy as possible.


“People make or break a company – it’s that simple. The (project manager) is a customer’s advocate – a great representative. At the conclusion of the project, and look back, we felt tapping him to serve as the Owner’s Rep was the single most important decision overall.”

“Excellent service provided in the light of nearly continual scope revisions by the owner.”

“TKG Rocks”

“The Kleingers Group team was unbelievable in meeting all our needs and the needs of the project.”

“The A/E team could learn some lessons from (Kleingers) as to how to treat customers with timely responses, best information, and the willingness to be part of the team. I am sorry to see our project coming to an end as I have enjoyed our relationship!”

“Communication without delay is key to the success of the project. Every question, concern, and comment was addressed in a fast and accurate manner without hesitation.”

“I think Kleingers offers exceptional service at an exceptional value. I enjoy working with every member of your team, and every person represents the Kleingers organization very well.”

“Best engineering and design professionals I have worked with in our region.”

“I continue to be so very grateful for the entire Kleingers process…. great engineering, first-rate design, great customer service, prompt responsiveness, wit, and passion.”

“Kleingers is helping (our community) transform itself. The firm has helped us obtain hundreds of dollars, designed great infrastructure, and really been a partner in governance. The people we work with most have all been exceptional professionals.”