Randy Wolfe, PS

Survey Manager

Random Fact About Me:
I have been on 10 missionary trips to the US (San Antonio Texas, Wildwood New Jersey, and Fort Collins Colorado), Central America (Guatemala) and South America (Ecuador and Peru)

Music I’m Into:
I love most kinds

Book That Moved Me:
I love to read, and I especially like true stories. Example: “Through the Gates of Splendor”

Favorite Film:
I love all kinds of movies. Example: “Shawshank Redemption”

Best Vacation Ever:
Love to travel will go anywhere. Example “Machu Picchu – Peru”

If I won a Million Dollars:
You wouldn’t be reading these tidbits about me on the Kleingers Group website.

Best Advice:
Proverbs 3:5-6

Randy Wolfe

Randy joined The Kleingers Group in 2000 and serves as a Survey Manager. With a bachelors degree in civil engineering and an associate degree in surveying, Randy brings a solid understanding of the entire project development process and the importance of quality topographic and boundary base map information.

Some of Randy’s Work