Nick Yeretzian, PE

Transportation and Public Infrastructure Group Leader

What Inspired Me to Do What I Do?:
My fascination with structures in general is what drove me to engineering. Just looking and marveling at tall buildings, huge bridges and winding roads was enough inspiration for me. I wanted to be part of the “lucky few” who put their mark on the face of the earth and made a difference.

Random Fact About Me:
I have always had a knack for learning new languages. So far, I can speak and write in five languages.

Often Heard Saying:
“It is going to be a very busy week”. Being busy motivates me. I strive to be able to say this for a very very long time.

Best Advice:
Don’t let the fear of being criticized confine your thoughts. Be your own critic first and push your boundaries to where your imagination can take you, after all it is said that unjust criticism is a form of compliment.

Book That Moved Me:
“Very Ordinary People”. A book my father authored and published in his twenties. It is a series of short stories dealing with the human experience. The book has been an inspiration for me and set the bar high for my life achievement goals.

Favorite Films:
Matt Damon’s “The Bourne” movies. The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremacy. I also have to watch Chevy Chase’s “Christmas Vacation” every Christmas. It is not Christmas without it.

Current Obsession:
My only obsession has been my yard and I still can’t get it to look as good as my neighbor’s yard. Does anyone else have this problem?

Music I am Into:
I am always looking for something new and music is no exception. I enjoy what is new and contemporary and yes, I do embarrass my kids as I sing along in the car while driving.

Best Vacation Ever:
My California vacations have always been the best. With lots of family and friends, I have always felt that California is my home away from home.

If I won a Million Dollars:
I might be able to afford a modest house in California and maybe one day retire there.

Nick YeretzianTransportation and Public Infrastructure Group Leader

Nick currently serves as The Kleingers Group’s transportation and public infrastructure group leader. Bringing nearly 30 years of experience, Nick is an expert in highway and roadway design, roadway reconstruction, intersection improvements, hydraulics and storm sewer design, including the preparation of flood hazard evaluation reports for culverts and bridges.

Some of Nick’s Work