Jay Stewart, Esq., AICP

Director of Business Development

What Inspired Me to do What I Do:
I am self-motivated, crave a goal oriented work setting and love interacting with people. The Kleingers Group is that special kind of company that gives me the opportunity to exercise all of these traits, and get paid for doing it…what a bargain!

Random Fact About Me:
I had perfect attendance in school from kindergarten through 12th grade…However, I quickly made up for that during college.

Music I’m Into:
Indie Rock & Metal mostly. I don’t listen to much that ever sees the light of day on the radio. Current heavy rotation – Queens of the Stone Age, Alberta Cross, Deftones and Warpaint.

Book That Moved Me:
After surviving three years of law school, the thought of reading a book still makes be squeamish!

Favorite Film:
This is Spinal Tap

Best Vacation Ever:
I believe I was internally wired to live in a beach town, so any vacation involving an ocean is the best vacation ever.

If I Won a Million Dollars:
I would immediately be on the phone with Mr. Kleingers trying to convince him of my new business development virtual teaming plan from my oceanfront condo down at St. Pete Beach.

Current Obsession:
Finding time to hit the skatepark on my 24″ bmx bike.

Best Advice:
Always do the Right Thing

Often Heard Saying:
Wanna go eat mexican for lunch?

Jay Stewart, Esq, AICPDirector of Business Development

Jay is responsible for developing, implementing and managing The Kleingers Group’s business development strategy and initiatives. ┬áJay collaborates with our Market Leaders, CEO and Board of Directors in growing the company in a meaningful and sustainable manner to further our vision of building a true “Destination Company”. ┬áJay also finds time to keep his technical skills sharp while working on community planning and zoning projects for our clients.

Some of Jay’s Work