David Marshall, PE

Dayton Development Group Leader

What Inspired Me to do What I do:
You could say it runs in the family my father, uncle, brother, two cousins, and my sister in-law are all civil engineers. My first exposure to the field was doing mortgage surveys at the age of 8 with my father. There is no greater satisfaction then seeing a project constructed that at one time was no more than thoughts and line on paper.

Music I’m Into:
Good old Rock and Roll

Speech That Moved Me:
Jim Valvano’s speech at the ESPY awards and the Gettysburg Address. Never have so few words moved so many people to action.

Best Vacation Ever:
Anytime I am at the Jersey Shore.

If I Won a Million Dollars:
Kids college paid and debt free.

Best Advice:
If you believe in it fight for it and you will find out how deeply you actually believe.

David Marshall, PEDayton Development Group

David is the Development Group Leader for the Dayton Ohio Office working in both the private and institutional sectors providing civil engineers services in the  healthcare, office, industrial, retail, and higher education markets.

Some of David’s Work