David Wright, PE, LEED AP

Southwest Ohio Development Group Leader

What Inspired Me to do What I do:
As a young boy I loved construction equipment and played non-stop with die-cast bulldozers, graders, hoes, and dump trucks in my dad’s garden. Then, as a 6 year old, my Gramps let me run a backhoe while excavating the basement for his house. From there, I was hooked. I never lost my fascination with construction & man’s ability to transform a piece of land to meet his needs. The thing I love about working as a design engineer is that we have the ability to help our Clients understand how their land can be transformed to create a project that satisfies their needs as well as the community’s.

Music I’m Into:
I generally like all types of music but find myself drawn a lot to Alternative Rock and Hard Rock. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to bands like Muse, Kings of Leon, Shinedown, and Linkin Park.

Favorite Film:
Patton. I love that Patton was able to transform some of his character flaws while maintaining his tenacious leadership style to help win World War II for the allies.

More recently I’m a big fan of The Avengers and the other Marvel movies.

Best Vacation Ever:
I love to travel and have gotten to go on a number of great vacations (Disney, Augusta to see the Masters, Canada for fishing, and the Carolina’s for multiple golf trips), but my favorite vacation ever was my honeymoon to Hawaii. It’s pretty tough to beat a trip that lets you see a sunrise from the top of a volcano, swim in a waterfall, visit a rainforest, walk on a white sand AND black sand beach, eat at an authentic luau, snorkel at one of the top snorkeling spots in the world, visit Pearl Harbor, watch surfers on waves that are unimaginably tall, and golf on one of the top 100 golf courses in the world (Kapalua Plantation) all-the-while you’re spending time with your new wife. If you can’t tell, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Hawaii.

Current Obsession:
Golf is, and always has been, my obsession. I try to take any chance I can to get out to play a quick round or just hit the driving range.

Best Advice:
My Dad gave me a piece of advice at the age of 6 that had a profound impact on me. He told me that if you were really good at something, you didn’t have to tell others about it–they already knew.

Dave Wright, PESW Ohio Development Group

David is the Southwest Ohio Development Group Leader and leads a group of civil engineers that specialize in the completion of healthcare, office, industrial, retail, and higher education projects. David works directly with the Client and our staff to ensure that project designs meet our Client’s vision while being completed on-time.

Some of Dave’s Work