Dave Cox, PS

Director of Geospatial Services

What Inspired Me to do What I do:
A love of maps.

Random Fact About Me:
If earning money for providing a service makes you a professional, then I became a professional map maker in the 8th grade. Our local school board requested a customized “district boundary” map from the Junior High School mechanical drawing teacher. He in turn, assigned the project to me. Beginning work in the spring, and working throughout the summer at home, I was paid a whopping $10 for my services (and allowed to keep the drafting tools)!

Music I’m Into:
Oldies, country, and even a little jazz…especially John Klemmer on saxophone.

Favorite Film:
What can I say, I’m just not an “Oscar” kind of guy. I’ll take a good, cheap, action adventure or sci-fi film any day…i.e. The Final Countdown, Die Hard, or Independence Day.

Best Vacation Ever:
All vacations are good but Ocho Rios, Jamaica has to be among the best.

Current Obsession:
Finding new (to me) roads on a motorcycle.

Book That Moved Me:
Original Ohio Land Subdivisions by C.E. Sherman…what else would move a surveyor?

If I Won a Million Dollars:
…after taxes, I still wouldn’t be a millionaire.

Dave Cox, PSDirector of Surveying

Dave serves as the Director of Surveying and Mapping for The Kleingers Group.  In this capacity he develops and oversees the implementation of policy affecting professional services and technical standards.  He also keeps an eye on emerging geo-spatial technologies and endeavors to keep the organization moving forward in project performance and efficiency.  He has thirty years of experience in the construction and land development business and enjoys helping our clients solve problems and meet their project goals.

Some of Dave’s Work