Craig Honkomp, PE, PS, LEED AP

Sportworks Field Design Group Leader

What Inspired Me to do What I do:
“Inspired” is a powerful word. My decision point was more like… “Civil Engineering seems like it might be remotely interesting”. My factors were as follows:

  1. I wanted to be outdoors as much as possible.
  2. I liked creating things, and making things work.
  3. I thought my Dad did engineering-ish stuff.
  4. Of all the engineering disciplines, I thought civil would get me outside the most.

So I applied to one college with a good engineering program (The University of Akron), was accepted. …Wha-la: Inspiration!

Music I’m Into:
Golly, I listen to the gamut.  The amount and variety of great music and talent is amazing.  I think my most frequent music comes in those interludes after NPR stories that give you that great space to reflect on the gravity of the story you just heard.  I love that pause that the music creates.

Book That Moved Me:
Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry

Favorite Film:
Jeezy! Tough questions.  I’m not much of a movie watcher.  ….But, there was a documentary a few years back called “Life in a Day” that I liked a lot.  It is a film comprised of clips of “life” all around the world on July 24, 2010.  80,000 clips were submitted totaling 4,500 hours and it was edited down to 90 minutes.  YouTube and National Geographic were involved.  I think it was pretty cool film.

Best vacation Ever:
I hope this doesn’t break the rules… but I can’t pick one.  I have been blessed with many great trips to beautiful places with wonderful people.  Lots of GREAT memories – and I’m sure more to come!

Often Heard Saying:
Golly Jeez

Craig Honkomp

Craig is the Sportworks Field Design Group Leader and is both regionally and nationally known for his expertise in field design as well as his capability to manage sports-related projects. He is a current Board Member of the Synthetic Turf Council. In his 25 years of experience as a civil engineer, Craig has also been responsible for the design of hundreds of institutional projects for governmental agencies, school districts and higher education.

Some of Craig’s Work