Our People

Every consulting firm will tell you its biggest asset is its people. So what makes The Kleingers Group different? Not only are our people extremely talented, but they are committed — first and foremost — to applying their talents toward making our clients’ lives easier AND making the process more enjoyable.

So, if you want to have a miserable project experience with a grumpy team of professionals, perhaps you had better look somewhere else. However, if you want a team of experts who are trained to be among the best at what they do technically, who are dedicated to providing unmatched client service, and who are capable of carrying on a decent conversation, then you are on the right website.

Learn more about some of our people, team leaders, and industry experts by clicking on the images below, which represent only a portion of the many talented individuals at Kleingers.

Tim Casto, PE
Director of Engineering

Michael Couvreur, PE
Senior Engineer

Dave Cox, PS
Director of Surveying

Megan Cyr, PE
Project Manager

Brad D’Agnillo
Project Manager

Craig Honkomp, PE, PS
Sportworks Field Design Group Leader

Michael Keller, PS
Survey Manager

Jim Kleingers, PE, PS
President / CEO

Jennifer LaPointe, PE
Central Ohio Development Group Leader

Adam Korn, PE
Project Manager

Steve Korte, PE
Institutional Group Leader

Nick McCullough, PE
Central Ohio Institutional Group Leader

Troy Messer, PE
Senior Engineer

Sam Morton, PE
Project Manager

Lynne Nischwitz, RLA
Landscape Architecture Studio Leader

Mark Nolt, PE
Project Manager

Josh Shaw, PE
Project Manager

Patrick Warnement, PE
Louisville Group Leader

Kyle Weber
Project Manager

Randy Wolfe, PS
Survey Manager

Dave Wright, PE
SW Ohio Development Group Leader

Nick Yeretzian,PE
Transportation and Public Infrastructure Group Leader