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Truescan3D Begins Use of In-House Drone Technology

Truescan3D, a division of The Kleingers Group, recently purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft to better serve its 3D laser scanning clients.

Truescan3D, which uses laser scanning to create point clouds used for BIM modeling, will now be able to collect information about rooftops and other hard-to-reach locations that are not safely accessible with a terrestrial scanner.

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TrueScan Upgrades To Truview Global Giving Clients Mobile Access

TrueScan, the Kleingers’ reality capture division, recently became one of the first 3D laser scanning service providers to begin using Leica’s TruView Global, greatly improving our clients’ ability to access and use their data.

Now TruView Global is easily accessible from a mobile device or tablet, making it possible for clients to gain access to crucial information from the field or from home. Team members can make a “virtual visit” to the project site anytime from anywhere.

Learn more about TrueScan’s innovative tools and techniques here.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

In case you missed it yesterday, this week is National Surveyors Week!

FullSizeRenderThe Kleingers Group couldn’t be prouder to be one of the largest surveying operations in the state, and this week we are focusing on some of our lesser known services in celebration.

First up: 3D laser scanning.

The Kleingers Group has been active in 3D laser scanning for the past eight years and in 2011 formed a separate organization, Truescan3D, as a division of The Kleingers Group.

What is 3D laser scanning?

A 3D laser scanner is a tool that allows us to capture millions of points of data about a building, machinery, or our environment using LiDar technology. Once registered, the “point cloud
data allows us to create 2D plans or 3D models of the building or environment.

Point cloud data is typically useful for architects, engineers and contractors who need to know the exact measurements of a building or piece of machinery and not the measurements listed on plans of what was supposed to be built, but more and more, many new uses for the data are beginning to pop up. Since the point cloud provides a complete digital record of a space, it can help verify all sorts of information including the slope of the floor, the design of the steel structure, how HVAC is routed and much more.

What are the benefits of 3D laser scanning over hand measurements?

No form of measurement available today is more accurate than 3D laser scanning. In just a matter of days or even hours, scanning provides a 3D point cloud with precise 3D data points, virtually eliminating error and need for change orders.

A scanner is:

  • Faster
  • More accurate
  • Non-intrusive
  • And can provide a complete digital record

3D laser scanning is more expensive than hand measurements. Is it worth it?

full model showcase2If you have a small, easy to measure space that won’t need many improvements, probably not. But for large or complex sites, 3D laser scanning usually saves money in the long run.

First, by virtually eliminating error, 3D laser scanning can drastically reduce change orders and waste. Prefabricated materials are built correctly the first time.

Second, because 3D laser scanning produces a complete digital record questions that arise late in the game are easy to answer. Return visits to the site are virtually eliminated because every square inch of walls, floors, ceilings, mechanical systems and architectural components were already captured.

Third, 3D laser scanning is non-intrusive and typically doesn’t require industrial facilities to shut down in order to perform scanning operations. Since it is fast, it can be performed during off hours and it keeps staff out of harms way by eliminating the need for direct contact with hard to reach features or energized equipment.

Learn more

To learn more about 3D laser scanning with The Kleingers Group, visit

Welcome to National Surveyors Week 2016!

Welcome to National Surveyors Week 2016!

Although we like to believe The Kleingers Group name is synonymous with surveying in central and southwestern Ohio, there are several services that many people are still surprised to find out we offer.

As part of our celebration this week, we will be doing short profiles on 3D laser scanning, hydrographic/bathymetric surveys and at the end of the week, we’ll provide an update on the latest changes to ALTA survey specifications. You can learn more about ALTA surveys here.

You can also participate in our Facebook poll to select your favorite surveying picture. Each week, we put three pictures up for a vote, but this week we’ll feature 10. At the end of the year, we will select a winner.

But first, some little known facts about surveying at The Kleingers Group:

Kleingers Is One of The Largest Surveying Operations in Ohio

With 25 surveyors on staff, including ten licensed surveyors, Kleingers is able to deploy up to ten crews at a time.

We are particularly proud of these numbers because it means we are able to serve clients quickly. Whether it is a small project that requires just one crew or a large project, requiring several crews, Kleingers is able to work on several projects at one time, meaning clients never have to wait long for their information.

Additionally, with offices in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, The Kleingers Group is able to shift personnel to ensure projects are handled quickly and accurately. We are familiar with jurisdictional requirements and property research throughout the state.

Combined, the Kleingers Group Staff Have More than 430 Years of Surveying Experience

We aren’t exactly johnny-come-lately to this business. Our guys have the experience to be prepared for even the unexpected. We’ve been doing this a long time and we hope it shows.

While we are proud to use the latest technology, the best equipment doesn’t mean much without the wherewithal to understand what information is important, when technology might be wrong, and when there may have been an omission. We believe additional experience means fewer mistakes and better quality documents for our clients.

The Staff in The Surveying Department Have Been with The Kleingers Group for An Average of 10 Years

Why does this matter? It means we have a cohesive group of surveyors that are used to working together. They are used to working as a team and understand Kleingers’ processes, meaning we can work more quickly and get work done for our clients with less hassle. Quality expectations are known and communication with the client is well-coordinated. In the end, we think it makes us easier to do business with.