“You shouldn’t have to hate coming to work and, if you do, either you’re doing it wrong or we’re doing it wrong.”

~ Jim Kleingers

Culture can be defined as “The way we do stuff around here” and around here – at The Kleingers Group – we DO hard work, we DO fun, we DO care about other people, and we DO THE RIGHT THING. All that adds up to an outstanding company culture, one that fosters great relationships among our co-workers, clients, and teammates.

Around here, we take our commitments to others very seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

Around here, you’ll see people heading out together for lunch or after work and you’ll see people pitching in together to help get a project finished, and . . .

Around here, you may just see people rush to the window during a heavy rain event to watch runoff switch from weir flow to orifice flow at the catch basins. Don’t judge: it’s more exciting than it sounds – for civil engineers anyway.

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